Consumers are Calling for Ethical Eating in UK Restaurants

There is an increasing level of awareness when it comes to UK restaurants and dining consumers. A lot of the issues that are coming up are based on ethics. David Attenborough's documentaries are showing an unflinching level of insight into how much damage is being done by people using plastics and it's safe to say that something needs to change. Companies have done their part to try and deal with the issue at-hand but now consumers are taking matters into their own hands as well. The changes that have been made so far have gone on to affect canteen staff as well as those who are seeking university jobs. Care jobs and dish-washing jobs, or any job in the hospitality industry for that matter are also being impacted.

A Growing Concern

There is a growing concern over the environmental issues that are being caused. A lot of the work that is being done is shaping the attitude towards eating out as well. Two-thirds of the population now believe ethical considerations do matter and that they would absolutely take it into account when trying to choose somewhere to eat. The report has also claimed that under one-quarter of people actively seek out restaurants that are following sustainability practices or even ones that are environmentally friendly. This is especially the case when you look at London. 39% of people in the city seek out restaurants that are doing their part and although this is a very positive movement, it's important to know that more still needs to be done.

Sourcing locally is super important for those who go to local restaurants. It's a key consideration when eating out and 43% of people in London actively make sure that this is the case before they choose to dine with a restaurant.