Fat Iron are going to Put £5m Towards a new Expansion

A steak restaurant known as Flat Iron are going to be putting up a £5m funding page. They are doing this so that they continue the growth plans that they have right now. The loan is coming from Thin Cats and they are a lender who specialise in helping out SMEs. They are going to try and support the growth plans over the next couple of years. Piper also took a £10m stake in the restaurant group and they did this in the year 2017 and they have also reported that they have profits of well over £456,110. This came from their most recent financial results.

The company were founded in the year 2012 by Charlie Carroll. Flat Iron are now proud to say that they have a total of 6 restaurants across London. They also have sales of £14.5m as well. The group have plans to try and open up their 7th restaurant which is going to happen on the 21st of January. This is going to be put near Tooley St on London Bridge. They are also going to have another site in Spitalfields as well. This is going to open up in the summer and they even have hopes to open up another later this year. If you work in catering recruitment, then this is especially interesting because it may even mean that you have even more employment opportunities available. Of course, if you are interested in finding out more about this or if you want to enquire about how many positions are going to become available then you can contact Flat Iron. That being said, a lot of work is being done to try and give the company the support they need to make the transition.