Ruby Hotels Don’t Think That Brexit Will Deter Their Plans to Build a Second Hotel

Michael Struck has come out to say that Brexit is not going to deter him from trying to enter the UK market. He has spoken to Caterer and he has admitted that he is very concerned about the UK's exit from the EU union. He believes that the market is too attractive not to be in however, so he is going to do whatever he can to try and make sure that he takes advantage of this. Struck has also released a ton of ideas for a 160 bedroom hotel. This is going to open up in London's Clerkenwell in the year 2021. Ruby is going to enter the UK with the opening of their hotel known as the Ruby Lucy. Those who work in catering recruitment will want to take full advantage of this. He has also added that he wants to branch out into other cities as well. That being said, London is the one on his list because when he created the company, he wanted to branch out into cities such as Edinburgh and even mainland Europe as well. He also has a ton of plans to open up even more hotels across the UK.

Of course, if you work in the hospitality industry then this will most certainly affect you. Of course, by taking the time to really understand this, you can be sure to make the most out of the situation. Brexit is well underway and it doesn't look to be deterring companies such as Ruby Hotels. This is a positive movement and it is a sign of good things to come, but that being said, only time will tell if this is the case. All we can do is hope that the right decisions are made in the final stages.