The British Library is Going Vegan for a Day

The British Library is trying to embrace veganism. They are working hard to try and offer staff and all of their visitors vegan food and even drinks as well. They are doing this at the Kings Library Café and this is going to happen on Thursday. This is the oldest library in the world and they are going to try and support the Vegan Society Plate.

This is being done for the Planet campaign and this is going to try and encourage people and even businesses to try and take part in the challenge. The King's Library is located in a central location and they are going to be serving things like mock chicken, jerk tofu and even katsu curry as well. The drinks that they are serving are going to be done with soya milk and this is going to be done between 10:45am and 5pm. Those who work in catering jobs will know more than anyone what a big deal this is and a lot of people are very excited to be welcoming movements such as this.

There is so much evidence to show that by going vegan, the planet can then be looked after much more efficiently and the impact is also going to be significantly reduced as well. It is now time to get people and companies to process this issue and Barry Nichols, who is the chief over at Graysons has stated that they are even going to develop their very own plant-based range of products. These are going to be launched in September and they are very excited about all of this. Flavoured roasted peas are also going to be handed out to try and expand the number of people who have an interest in veganism in general.