TRG Concessions have Announced the Hawker Bar Opening at London Airport

TRG are a leading operator when it comes to food and beverage brands. They function in a ton of travel locations across the UK and they have also opened up a brand-new concept known as Hawker Bar.

This has been established at the London Luton Airport and it is also part of the new renovation that is going to happen shortly. The Hawker Bar stretches across 3,200 feet and it also has seating for 134 people. The bar is named after the famous Hawker planes that flew from the airport during the Second World War. The terrace outside overlooks the runway and this ensures that you will be able to experience the UK aviation while also taking advantage of great food and awesome drinks.


The Hawker Bar is aiming to inspire a very accessible premium and this is going to happen during the 80th birthday year. The bar is going to serve local beers that are in bottles and even on draft as well. They are also going to boast an eclectic wine list. They are offering cocktails on draft and even tempting food all day long. This includes seafood, small bowls, mix and match sliders and this all helps to draw inspiration from flavours that are all around the globe. The bar has been completely designed to try and offer a very high level of luxury and if you work in catering jobs then you will know more than anyone how much effort this usually takes. They have golden pendant lights and they also have a huge range of offerings available as well so it is no wonder why the whole place is so popular at the moment. If things keep going like they are, this new renovation is going to be huge.