Leeds Have Plans to try and Charge HGV Drivers £50 a Day if they Pollute the Air

A new plan has come into place to try and reduce air pollution in the city. The clean air zone is going to be the first of a nationwide plan. This is going to use a scheme that is very similar to London's and there is going to be a new emissions system as well. Drivers are going to be observed by a series of cameras and they are doing this from as early as 2020. This could have a huge impact on HGVs and even public transport. This is going to face the highest cost when compared and this is especially the case if the roads run through Leeds. Those who work in driving jobs will understand this more than anyone.

The local council have expected the plans to become very significant and they are also going to lead to a large reduction in nitrogen dioxide as well. This is in the city's air and a lot of firms have expressed a lot of concerns over the new plans. They have even said that it is going to have a negative impact on the environment and that a lot of drivers are going to carry on switching from HGVS to vans. This ultimately means that they won't have to face the charges when they are on the roads in Leeds. The 2016 government have stated the load officials in 5 cities that have the most N02 emissions are going to try and reduce this and they are also trying to increase the quality of the air if possible as well but this is only going to be the case if other people are willing to put the work in as well. Of course, with so much happening, only time will tell if this is the case or not.