Customers have Enforced a Plastic Pallet Scheme for Recycling

9 months since the first plastic recycling scheme was launched by GoPlasticPallets, numbers have shown that they have managed to recycle over 192 tonnes of plastic from their customer's unwanted plastic pallets or boxes. This is a true sign that customers are now doing their best to embrace the environmental commitment from the company and that they are also doing everything they can to try and support the environment.

When you look at the last few months, you will soon see that the company have received a very high level of praise for the number of customers they have, and they are also doing everything they can to help the environment too. One customer who is a specialist in malted ingredients and wholegrain has come out to say that they used the plastic recycling scheme for the very first time. They happened to return any unwanted plastic and they were then credited for the weight. Those who work, or are actively seeking packing jobs, line jobs, order picking jobs or even forklift jobs will know more than anyone how important it is to monitor waste and right now it looks like they are doing everything they can to have a positive impact on the world.

Customers have also done everything they can to try and raise the profile of the recycling scheme. They know how important it is for the company to achieve a certain level of success because if they don't then this could damage the profit they do make. It would also mean that the environment is not being helped in every possible way. Of course, only time will tell if the movement is going to really have an impact on the world but right now, it is certainly having an impact on the recycling industry as a whole.