Getting Brexit Done is Only the Beginning for EU Withdrawal

The Prime Minister has coined the phrase, Get Brexit Done. It's been his mantra for the election campaign but when you look closer, you will soon find that the mere idea of getting Brexit done via a withdrawal agreement is misleading to say the least. The main reason for this is because it implies that there is an endpoint, which would signify the end of a long and painful process. This is not the case at all. It essentially means that there is going to be an agreement of extensive negotiations and even a wide-ranging change that could actually take years to complete. This is the start and not by any means, the end of Brexit. If you have come from the EU and are seeking packing jobs, line jobs forklift jobs or even order picking jobs then you will understand more than anyone what a dire situation the UK is in right now.

Of course, securing some kind of withdrawal agreement that is remotely acceptable to both the UK and the EU would be a huge milestone in the process as it would steer the country away from a no-deal. It would also initiate the transition period. The problem is that it doesn't say much about the UK or the EU. Businesses need some degree of certainty and until this is given, things are going to carry on as they are.

If the withdrawal from the EU happens to go ahead then all of the resources and time that have gone into the country and Brexit will certainly have been well-spent. The latest pledge from the Prime Minister is that the transition period won't be done past 2020, so this should provide some reassurance to those who need it the most.