SEMA is Leading the Industry

SEMA are otherwise known as being the Storage Equipment Manufacturer's Association. They are amongst some of the best in the world when you look at design, research and manufacturing. Of course, there does need to be various steps taken to make sure that they still maintain the quality that they promise, and this is why the SEMA have developed a QAS. This essentially means that members are required to carry out compliance checks to make sure that every single design and calculation are met with the right code.

If the third-party assessment is completed satisfactorily then it is issued to the member company to make sure that the design process meets the required design code. The initiative essentially helps to make sure that customers are always assured that they are going to conform with the finest industry practices. So what's different between the EN 15512 and the SEMA code? If you are seeking packing jobs, line jobs, order picking jobs or even forklift jobs then you may need to know.

In the UK, the assurance of your racking system essentially comes down to whether it conforms with the SEMA code or the EN 15512 code. The EN 15512 Code replaced the obsolete FEM document. The European codes tend to be very complex and they require the use of a very comprehensive computer software.

The SEMA code on the other hand has been used for over 30 years and it has a very long history when it comes to providing the highest quality of design. This even includes inspection and repair too. The design code is always updated, and it is known for undergoing a regular review process too. This alone helps to make sure that everything is in order and that things are being held to the right standards.